Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Bits and pieces

Lots of things to write about...
Here's photos I took on the weekend at the park I always go to for exercise. It was so sunny and everything looks so beautiful in spring. The ducklings refused to come out of their mothers protection! I love anything that is fluffy including my dad who has just a bit of hair left on his hair! He's supposed to come back from Bangkok tomorrow because it's my parents silver wedding anniversary tomorrow. I'm worried if he can come home safely...

I sent an e-mail to Joy 94.9 Transmission Time the other day saying that I really love the show and they should post more podcasts. I got a reply from one of the DJs and she said they only post the ones that "last." Geez, there are loads of podcast episodes that are out of date out there! Or maybe is costs money to post a podcast... Also she told me that, as they are a community radio station, they have a 6 month rotation for the shows so Transmission Time is not on air all year. It's on air on Tuesdays from 20:00 in Melbourne and today, I thought I could listen to it as I was using the computer at 20:00 JAPAN TIME!!!!! I didn't know Japan is an hour behind Australia! I thought we were at the same time zone. I won't be able to listen to them because I'm at school all the time! Shiiiiit!

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