Friday, 2 March 2012

Farmer's Market Madness!!!!!!!!

I used to buy all of my food from Tesco when I first came to Exeter. Now 8 months later, I hardly buy anything there. Things I regularly buy at Tesco are muesli, flour, cheese, and cans of tomato/beans.

Now I buy milk from the Real Food Shop (RFS) because it's locally produced.

I buy vegetables from the farmer's market on Thursday afternoons. They are organic and locally produced so low carbon footprints. If I run out of veg or want something specific during the week, I go to the RFS. Like last week, I  needed mushrooms because I wanted to make mushroom and onion cream spaghetti. (I had double cream left over from when I made chocolate raspberry cheesecake for a birthday party. ) So I went to the RFS and got 4 small mushrooms. That dish was really tasty.

What I love about the farmer's market is that they have seasonal vegetables that Tesco will never have.

Purple Sprout Broccoli

Red Curly Kale

Carnival(?) Squash
 I bought these this week to put in my Cornish pasties (only, mine aren't called "Cornish" but rather, "Shane-ish.")
Also because Tesco had cheese for a reduced price (3 for 2), I bought the following. If you don't get good cheese, there isn't any point in living in the UK, right?!

So today is a Friday. And what do I do on a Friday? I cook.

I had prepared pastry for my pasty yesterday. And today, when my class finished at 1pm, I run back to the kitchen and started the process.
I rolled out the pastry that I kept in my cupboard. I was concerned that I would be a bit too soft but that wasn't the case at all. It was in ideal condition to roll out. I was glad I didn't keep in the fridge because that would have probably made it too hard.

450g plain flour
140g unsalted butter (mix with fingers to make it crumby)
About 120ml water (add slowly to the crumb and assemble into a ball)

This ended up making 6 sheets of round pastry and a bit which I used to make an "S" shape to prove that I really made it.
BTW, as I don't have a rolling pin, I used the roll of plastic wrap. It works just as well.

After I rolled out the pastry, I filled it with vegetables that I had cut up. The veg were, of course, all bought from yesterday's farmer's market. My 6 pasties contain the random combination of the following: potato, onion, beetroot, kale, sprout broccoli and ricotta cheese. Also, I stole just a little bit of thyme from the Community Garden which is in the university.

I seasoned with salt and pepper but I should have put the salt in my hand and poured it and not poured directly on to the pasty so that I know I'm adding the right amount. The one I ate today was under-seasoned and I ended up putting ketchup on it.

Bake in the oven at 190C for 45 minutes and these are what I got.
First baked
Second half-kind of looks like Superman's t-shirt

Shaneish Pasty

The back is well baked too
The one I had today was sprout broccoli, potato, onion and ricotta.

Lunch for the next 6 days is now sorted.

But I need dinner.

So I baked my weekly bread too. And this turned out to be the best bread I have baked. I used the cake tin which was deep and big enough.
So my dinner was bread that came out of the oven 10 minutes before and cheeses from Tesco. I love my food.


  1. Totally cool! You should have your own cooking show! As a suggestion, why don't you see if you can get a job at the farmer's market or with one of the farmers who supply the veggies? Working on a farm is a great way to learn about food from the bottom up.....

    1. Actually, I AM going to work at an organic vegetable farm during the summer holidays in Tsukuba!!!!!! Super Excited!!!!