Friday, 2 March 2012


Here are some apps (all are free) that I'm finding very useful for my student life.

  1. ShopShop
This is a shipping list app. I tried several shopping list apps but this one turned out to be simple enough to use daily but well made so that I don't have to write "milk" all the time. You can just select one you wrote before. But for the ones that you only buy once such as bath towels, you can erase from the choises.
You can even see how many items you need to buy without opening the app as the number will appear on the top right of the icon.
I think this app prevents you from buy unnecessary food and saves you money and shopping time.
2. ToToDo
This is a to-do list app. Making a to-do list will make it clear what you need to do and that way, you are more likely to use time efficiently. (Unless you are someone like me who likes to be super lazy)You can tick off the things you have done which will hopefully save time wonder what to do next. Like the shopping list app, you will see how many things you need to do without opening the app.
This is an easy to use and helpful tool to keep track of your incomes and expences. You are responsidle for your money and this app is a good way to look after it. It is a bit difficult to figure out at first, but once you strat writing what you spend your money on, you will figure it out. It even has a simple calculator! The app will automaticly make a chart of how you are spending your money. You can take note of how you paid such as cash, credit card, debit card etc. As an international student, it's good that you can choose the currency.

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