Monday, 14 November 2011

sort-of-but-not-really lasagna

Ingredients from the bottom:
1 sliced clove of garlic
veg oil

1 whole courgette cut into quarters
3/4 carrot

1/2 can of tomato
probably 40g of spaghetti broken in half
milk until spag is covered
1/2 can of tomato
1/2 can of garden peas

2 mushrooms cut in 1/8s
grated mild cheddar
dried basil on top

baked in oven at 190C for 45-mins
It's basically a bunch of veg and a bit of cheese on top. Super healthy.
I also tried to make ice cream last night but it turned out to be really icy. What it said in the cookbook was true - "making ice cream need trial and error."
drinking chocolate powder
super intense beating

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