Saturday, 26 November 2011

Kitchen situation

This morning, I went to check how the kitchen was messed up.

Practically as the cleaners left it.
Hobs clean.
Sink clean.
Dish rack tidy.
Table wiped. (I wiped after I did my bread knots.)

After (Today at 9:30am...Still the same state. As if anyone is going to clean that shit up):
Hob left TURNED ON at lowest heat. (Dangerous!!)
Chewing gum on window sill.
Greasy unwashed frying pan.
Unwashed pots left in sink.
Table with crumbs and grease.
pieces of bread on surfaces.
2 slices of bread on cupboard.

I am 99.999% sure that the guy isn't going to clean it up before Monday. And I'm equally sure no one (including myself) is going to do it either. If this state is left like this until Monday, the cleaners are going to give us another note.

I sent an email to the welfare officer as she told me to let her know if this situation continues. She'll probably send the guy a formal letter to get his act together. Wonder what will happen next...

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  1. If you want to get revenge on the Azerbaijanis just cover everything in pork! Problem solved!