Saturday, 12 November 2011

Baking Photos

I've been doing a lot of creative stuff...and I LOVE it. Can't believe I didn't help my mum so often at home. I'm looking forward to going home for Christmas and baking something at a clean kitchen. A dirty kitchen really puts me off.Also, as I bought oats for the flapjacks, I tried porridge for the first time. I liked it! My dad used to eat porridge for breakfast occasionally and mum didn't like it so I presumed that I don't like it either. But I do. The same thing with bananas. Mum doesn't like bananas so I thought I won't like them but I do. The power of a mother........
I'm planning to make a chocolate cake next week... Can't wait!!
Double layer cheese cake. Bottom layer:cream cheese, egg, sugar. Top layer: cream, yogurt, sugar. crust: digestive biscuits, butter) I put jam after I baked the bottom layer before pouring the top. This emphasised the double layerness.
This is what it looked like from above. I'm so artistic!!!
50 mini (yes they were very small) cupcakes that I took to the Halloween night out with the LGBTQ people. Not sure if they enjoyed it though. They were drinking beer.
Crapes (I ate it with blackberry jam that I used in the cheese cake an yogurt)

Raisin cookies. I love making cookies... but hate eating them because I eat too much!

Flapjacks that I made on Thursday night. I made them because the lunch break on Fridays are from 2pm and I get really hungry by then. I shared them with my classmates. One guy said, "whoever you marry is really lucky." I thought that was a great complement. :)
Apple cake I made this evening. It's still cooling on my bed. (I don't want to let it cool in the kitchen because you never know what goes on in there if I'm not around...)

Instant(ish) apple crumble that I made with the left over apple. I need to work on the crumble bit. it's not like the one my mum makes.)

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  1. Holy crap! They all look so delicious! Maybe you could teach home economics to your idiot roommates! I want some chocolate chip cookies when you get home!