Friday, 15 April 2011

Matthew Ferry Review

I finished the 15 days of strategies to keep me inspired and in action toward my dreams now. Gee, I remember the whole title now! I didn't think listening to this would change me at all. I just started listening to be positive. I mean, it's free, what would I lose? So, as you could see from the previous posts, I've done some assignments of the course. I didn't do all the things Matthew told me to do. It may be coincidence but good things have happened to me since I started listening. It could be just luck or a matter of timing so I don't know if they happened because I took this course. That doesn't matter. What matters is, this course made me change my perspective on my life. I'm more grateful about things in my life than before. Not just "I'm grateful of everything I have," but "I'm grateful for this and this and this in my life." That's a definite change that Matthew did. I became overwhelmed with thankfulness the other day that I sent a "thank you e-mail" to my friend/life savor I wrote about on this post. I think I became overwhelmed because I was grateful. Conclusion: I recommend Matthew Ferry's 15day course. Note:It's been more than 2 weeks since the last e-mail of the course and after that, I expected to get advertisements. I've received 6 ads so far. Also: He didn't tell me to write a recommendation blog post!!!!! I honestly think it's worth trying.

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