Monday, 18 April 2011

Did I save the day? I think I did!!!!!!!

I was dealing with the cash machine all day today. 13:15-21:15. Standing up all that time..... My legs are aching!!! Anyway, two Chinese customers came to buy the same exact thing and they couldn't speak Japanese and there was a bit of a confusion. I noticed a little after that one of the guys had left his small paper bag on the counter. I reported this to another lady who was at the cashier and she phoned the service counter so that they could make an announcement. I didn't think they would come back if they did that---the guys clearly didn't understand Japanese! A few minutes passed and they still didn't come, so I took the item to the service counter. But about another 30 minutes later, one of them came back to buy something else. After he paid, I told the other cashier (just to make sure) that "I think this is the person who forgot the bag." She tried to talk to the guy but he couldn't understand. This is where the superhero (me) comes to the rescue!! I talked to him using my superpower called "English," (the Chinese guy happened to speak English) I told him that "I think you or your friend forgot a bag here when you came to buy something earlier." He said "uummm I don't think so... Might have been my friend. I'll ask him" They came to the conclusion that they DIDN'T forget a small paper bag. They walked away. Superhero FAIL... NOT!!!!! The 3 minutes later, the guy who bought something twice came running and said "I forgot my glasses! My glasses were in that bag you were talking about!!!!!!!" I felt very satisfied. :-)

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