Sunday, 10 April 2011

May & June

I asked the manager yesterday if he is still going to employ me until the end of June (he said he would when we had the interview). He said yes. He's thinking of letting me sell melons!!! We are going to talk about the schedule on the 14th. I was relieved to hear this because I thought he might have changed his mind after this whole earthquake/tsunami tragedy. Had he said no, I would have to stay at home and sometimes go to World Vision and translate letters again (I'm not saying I don't like doing it. It just that the train fee is expensive as hell.) HOWEVER, I also need to review maths before I go to the UK. It's unbelievable how rusty it's gotten since I last studied it which was last November. I don't remember how to integrate and stuff. There is a test before foundation course starts and if my academic ability is much lower than what the papers I sent them showed, I will be sent back home!! How embarrassing is that!?!?

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  1. Good news about your job! I guess your boss appreciates your hard work! I wouldn't worry too much about your math. I think you will find that your math skills are better than most of the goofs you will encounter there.