Saturday, 27 February 2010

My English Skills And My Teacher

Yesterday, I was really pissed off because of what my class teacher had said. He said he heard someone talk about a student who had been living abroad and came back to Japan. He wanted to say that the student's English hadn't changed since they came back which means the English is (sort of) childish.

Most likely this message was directed to me since I'm similar to that situation. Did he think that I didn't know my English is sophisticated? Well, I fucking do realize that, thank you. You don't need to let me know. My English has probably not changed since I was staying in England in 2003. I know I lack vocabulary and general knowledge and all the other things I should know by now. When the teacher told us about this in class, I thought, "Yeah we all know we can't speak or read or write English, so why don't you stop talking and get on with the class??"

This sounds harsh and I know I'm being mean to my teacher. I've been like this right from April (Japanese schools start in April). I usually don't like English teachers because they don't like me. But I hate the teacher I have now more than the other teachers I had before because he sometimes makes appalling remarks. The one that astonished me the most is this. After the sports meet, he said in front of the whole class, "I didn't think our class will win a prize because there are more female students in our class than the other classes do." I was so appalled that I didn't know what to think. Did he really just say that? It's sexual harassment, I thought. I should've complained but I didn't... Damn! Another thing I remember is when he tried to read "weary", he pronounced it "willy." I tryed my best not to laugh... What made it more embarrassing is that he didn't realized he said something funny! lol

PS I'm dead if the teacher reads this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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