Friday, 26 February 2010

My Obsession #2

OK... Here goes the 2nd of my favorites....
5, Singing
I love singing when I'm alone. I too shy to sing in front of people. But I post "Me Singing" vids on Youtube. Is that singing in public? Well I don't know. I sometimes get comments like "You suck" but I get quite good comments too so I guess I'm not that bad.
I've never been to a karaoke bar even though there's one right in front of where I live.
6, The L Word

I've been watching the lesbian drama, The L Word for about 2 years. I download it from Youtube and put it in my iPod and watch it in bed before I go to bed because I don't want my parents to know I'm watching it. (I have quite a lot of things I keep a secret.)

The drama series ended last year and I've watched up to season 5 out of 6 seasons.

My favorite character is Shane McCutcheon but I think all the characters are great.

The sweetest couple is, in my opinion, was Alice Pieszecki and Dana Fairbanks. Alice is a radio dj and Dana is a pro tennis player. They were so funny together although they went though many difficulties.

Sadly, the character of Dana died of breast cancer. That episode was just so heartbreaking... RIP Dana.

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