Sunday, 28 February 2010

My Lover... (huh?)

I logged in to Myspace for the first in like a week. Many things I didn't know were happening. The biggest thing was that a pic of Shin was uploaded. Only, this is not the Shin we usually see. Another part of Shin was revealed. I had seen him cross dress before but only one photo (below)

I did think this photo was hot. The one I saw today is this:

I guess I like it better when the hair is blonde. At first I couldn't believe it because the last photo I saw of him was this:

Quite a big change, isn't it? Although I wasn't really sure it was him, I didn't think it was definitely NOT him either. I did get a slight feeling the woman in the photo is Shin. The tattoo confirmed it.

It seems like drummer Shin aka Mr. Hangover leads a second life as Rosetta Brown now that Cinema Bizarre has stopped. I read in another wedsite that she (I'll say "she" although I don't know what she wants to be called.) is currently working at a gay bar in Berlin. I think she looks better blonde but anyway. I'll totally go to the place where she's working if I have a chance!

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