Thursday, 25 February 2010

My obsessions

I will list my random favorites.

1, My mum's feet.
They are small and cute. My dad's are big and pointed which makes them UGLY!!! The only good thing about his feet is that they don't smell bad.

2, Shin
Shin is the drummer of the German band Cinema Bizarre. (Cinema Bizarre has recently paused their activities.)In my opinion, Shin is the hottest guy in the band but many fans like the vocalist, Strify. Since the band stopped their activities, Shin changed his name to Mr. Hangover. Also, his username in twitter is cherrybumbum! TOTALLY CUTEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

3, Teacher
I'm obsessed with the teacher who taught me English last year. He was the first English teacher I thought was good. The English teachers I had in junior high school all sucked so I was excited to have a good teacher. He doesn't teach me this year but when I recalled his classes, I realized - HE'S CUTE! I mean, he's in his 40s but the way he walks and moves is...I can't describe it but... He sort of moves like a jellyfish. I know it sounds weird but I think he's cute. If I had to choose between Shin and the teacher, it would be a hard decision!

4, Sexuality issues
Not only my sexuality issues but also the way other people think about sexual minorities is a very important issue for me. I'll probably post things about this.

That's it for now. Here is the song "My Obsession" by Cinema Bizarre form the album Toyz.

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