Thursday, 9 February 2012

I actually like this.

But it cost 8.99 at Tesco. A bit pricey... But I bought it to make cherry brandy cupcakes. My classmate Audry asked about it a while ago so I think I'm going to make it for valentines.

BTW, I sent a message to Nancy (that chick who had a crush on me before) if she wants chocolate for valentines. She replied, "Chocolate for valentines? What do you mean? But I'm losing weight now~ so no, thanks so much!!!"
Apparently, she doesn't know what valentines is... How sad.

Oh and also the presentation went fine. Our group was the last and I was last to talk in the group and everyone was looking forward to going home because it was the last class today. When I was talking, everyone was (not everyone, i guess...) looking at me like "Hey I haven't seen you for a while, where were you?" Well, I'm just glad it's over.


  1. See? No problems! You are the speech/presentation master!

    Poor Nancy! Make her something nice and then explain the Valentines tradition to her. Especially the part where she has to kiss the person who gives her choco!

    1. She said she knows what valentines is. She also said she doesn't know what i'm trying to do. I think I7ll stop messing with her.