Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What I miss really bad

The time at junior high when I had a best friend who had lots of friends so it felt like I also had friends but in fact they were only her friends. Still, I had loads of fun.
My best friend and I would send pointless emails everyday and talk about pointless stuff and do pointless things. We could be just queer and nobody gave a shit.
Now I give a shit about myself and my best friend is slowly becoming a regular person.
The best time of my life. (Although there were super depressing times.) : 2005-2008

The time I worked at the supermarket for about 3 months with all the nice people. It felt like I was needed. A part of something. I was useful for people. I love the people at Aeon.
The time I felt fulfilled: April-June 2011

Surprisingly (not), I don't miss a single moment of high school.

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