Friday, 5 August 2011

mmmm YUM!

I treated myself to a Tesco quiche today. I didn't feel like having spaghetti.

And I got a reply from the doctor about the referral. Basically, he said I should just wait until I can register at the Student Health Centre (SHC) because the process is going to be "very long" (duh) and I'm only registered at the hospital as a temporary patient.
I don't fucking want to wait until September! That was the whole point of going to the hospital!!!

I went to Duryard house and asked the people there if I could register at a hospital now and then register at the SHC in September. She said yes. She also said it isn't necessary to register at the SHC if I don't want to. She told me of a hospital that will take registrations called the Foxhayes surgery. I thought, "OK, fuck SHC, I'll go to this place and register as a long term patient." That's exactly what I did.
I could have registered again at the hospital I went to last week. I should have thought it through. I went to the Foxhayes surgery and it was on the other side of river Exe! It's super inconvenient to go to the other side. The one I went to last week was near the city centre so I could just go and do some shopping as well. The area around Foxhayes is a cosy little neighborhood with some shops and a school. It probably takes 20 minutes to get there. But inconvenience can be compromised to get testosterone....


  1. Hmmmm.....20 minutes walking or by bus? If you can start the treatments sooner rather than later then I wouldn't worry about the inconvenience especially if it is covered by NHS. Just make sure it is covered by NHS so you don't have to pay anything.

    Seems as though you are eating well but why not not have a steak once in a while? Your body feeling hungry quickly is a sign that you are not eating enough. Remember: macho men (like me) are powered by steak and beer, NOT QUICHE!

    Saw my cheergirls down in Kansai. They were so sweet and fun to be with. They have a lot of energy and were always ready to do something. We were busy hiking, sightseeing, and eating the whole three days! Will post some photos on my webpage soon. Just got back today. I went really far this trip....saw the girls in Takarazuka, then across to Shimane for a couple of days and then up to the Noto Hanto for a few days and then all the way home today riding like MadMax at top speed. It was fucking hot!

  2. 20mins on foot. Even if it's covered by NHS, i dounbt it will be ENTIRELY free. we'll see.

    You know growing cow, pig, chicken and any other kind of meat uses waaaaaay more water and energy that growing veg? If there were less people who eat meat, there should be enough food for everyone. I'm all in for vegetarianism.
    And the planet earth will be a little cooler if there less people ho drive moter bikes and cars. That's part of the reason my parents don't have a car. And i intend to be the same.

    Glad you had fun! :P

  3. There's plenty of food. It is all just a matter of distribution. In poor countries, it's a problem of corruption, poor planning, and endemic warfare. Animals fart and cause greenhouse gasses. I'm doing my bit to eliminate that problem.
    I've never met a happy, healthy vegetarian. My girlfriend was a vegan and so were her friends. They were in sad shape all the time. Low iron and low energy. But to each his own. Whatever meat you don't eat means more for me and the other carnivores. Have some's good for you and will keep your iron levels up! I recommend Murphy's Irish Stout!

  4. there are veg that contains iron! mostly beans.(i bought beans the other day but now no one can find the can-opener!!!)
    and i'm not going to drink alchohol either. it's not good for you. did you know that every time you drink any kind of alchohol, you brain shrinks a little bit?

  5. You know who else was a vegetarian?


  6. What about George W Bush? He's as bad as Hitler.
    What's wrong with being vegetarian anyway?

  7. John Lennon was apparantly vegetarian. I win.

  8. Churchill trumps Lennon. Checkmate, Spud!