Sunday, 28 August 2011

St Ives

On the beach. I love my "I don't care" style. haha:

On the beach with flatmate,Yang.

Eating scones. It was unexpectedly quite delicious. I thought my mum made the best scones but I guess there's more out there.

Me and Nancy.
To my surprise, I had a very nice time! Having someone with me the whole time prevented me from getting depressed about my miserable life!


  1. Wow! I like Nancy! She is a real cutie! Your lucky you are there with so many cute girls!
    Meanwhile, back here in Crazyland, life goes on in its usual stupid fashion. I had a nightmare last night and kicked the wall. I hit it so hard that the entire toenail on my left foot came completely off! Now, I have no toenail....just a piece of raw meat! I showed it to the wife this morning and she nearly fainted! I can barely walk.....
    Add to that that I had to pick up my wife's big, fat mother last week after she fainted from the heat. I tore some muscles in my chest and compacted two of my vertebrae in my upper back trying to dead-lift her fat ass. i did something to my heart as well as it stopped beating normally for a few minutes and I almost keeled over myself. We got her into her house and then took her to the hospital when she didnt recover. Meanwhile I walked 5km in the noon heat back to my apartment and nearly had a stroke. Needless to say, I have had better summer holidays.

  2. AUCH! That sounds really painful... And your body is totally falling apart! This is what happenes when you eat meat and drink lots or beer and ride a motorcycle. Fix it quick!!!
    Curious what the nightmare was about.

  3. Typical vegetarian guys think eating grass and mold is enjoying life but until you have tucked into a big ole steak and a pint of porter I don't want to hear it! You need to make comparisons in order to understand the attractions. Go to the pub and have a few pints of porter or stout, and put on some Calvin Harris:
    If them Chinese girls don't get up and start shaking their butts then they are dead!

    You are only young once Spud!