Thursday, 26 May 2011


Why am i going to study in the UK?
What am i going to study in pre-sessional English from July to September?
Am i good enough for this? It's been 7 months since I last studied anything and I've forgotten a lot.
What kind of preparation should I be doing right now?
Why do i want to study further when i hate studying?
Will I be able to make it through without breaking down?
I'm so comfortable where i am now, that I wish could stay like this forever.


  1. Relax, you goof! Reading whatever you can lay your hands on would be a good start! Most of the stuff I mentioned to you before can be found online at sites like this:
    You need to practice your writing skills as well as they are very important for uni life. You could start watching some online lectures and taking notes while you listen. Lots of universities have put their lectures online these days so you could get used to it right here in Japan.
    You think you are having fun now but the fun hasn't even begun yet! It's like you just bought your ticket to Disney and you are waiting for the gates to open! Just be patient! There are tons of hot babes in England for you to party with!

  2. Brilliant, I hate Disney.