Sunday, 22 May 2011

Class Reunion < Service Counter

I just came back from the "elementary school class reunion." Meh. Whatever. Everybody moved on. That's what I thought of it.
We first went to an all-you-can-eat restaurant and I ate pizza. But not too much. I lost 5kg in 5 months. I'm not going to ruin that record.
After talking about what other people were up to, me went to another shopping centre and the others drank shakes and I thought "how do they come up with the money??" As I'm trying to save up for chest surgery, I don't want to spend unnecessary money. And I had just spent 1230 yen at the previous restaurant! I just watched them drink.
And then they said they were going to another shopping centre... 3 hours had already passed. I said I'd go. So I did. The fact that it was raining like crazy kinda validated my excuse, I think.

AAAAANNNNDDDDD here comes the climax. The shopping centre we were at is connected to the supermarket I work at and of course the service counter...
In my last post, I wrote, "I'm gonna make every excuse to go to the supermarket. "
So I went.
I went to the counter to borrow an umbrella. The lady who I wanted to see was there! She gave me an umbrella that was going to be thrown away. She said she missed me because I haven't gone to the counter for 2 days. I told her I will come tomorrow. (I'm going to Tokyo for volunteering at World Vision and I'm planning to go on the way home.) She said she was happy that I will come because she will be working at that time.

I downloaded Avril Lavigne's latest album today (for free of course) and I need to write a verse from one of the songs....

You’re so beautiful
But that’s not why I love you
I’m not sure you know
That the reason I love you is you
Being you

It doesn't really fit in my situation because this is just a crush but it's such a beautiful song. I just HAD HAD HAD to write it here.


  1. あたしもお金節約したくて飲まなかったなー。

  2. 楽しかったけどさ。やっぱサビカン(サービスカウンター)のおばさんに思いを寄せる者としてはそっちに気持ちが向いちゃってねー。ごめんね。結局その後はデイズ行ったの?

  3. いえいえ、あたしも生物のテストに思いが傾いちゃっていきませんでした。向こう行くまでに会う機会があったら声かけてね!実は、結構ブログ読んでる(英語に触れるいい機会。)keep in touch!

  4. あんま面白いこと書いてないでしょw