Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Nobody knows the truth. So I stopped bothering.

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  1. Very interesting articles especially the first one. TEPCO should be nationalized and their officials past and present along with the politicians who allowed them to create this mess should be held accountable. In fact, I recommend that we round all of them up and put them to work physically cleaning up this mess they created. But, as we know from the Tokaimura incident in 1999, they will just use the homeless.

    The journalist are indeed not asking the right questions nor will they ever when the government is allowed to control the media through the Kisha system. Ask an embarrassing question and you are out of the Kisha club. Foreign media are not allowed into the Kisha club so this completely eliminates the possibility of any embarrassing questions being asked to the government. Many of the reporters are not stupid but they cannot risk losing their jobs. Not teaching critical thinking skills in schools makes life easier for the government. If people ask questions life would be difficult for them.