Monday, 14 March 2011

A letter to myself.

Hey Shane on March 14th 2011,

You'll never guess that I was going to have such an amazing year. This year has been the most amazing year of my life. I am SO glad that I came to the UK to study. Not like my friends who went to boring old Japanese universities. I've been able to make lots of friends from various countries and of course British friends too. I hang out with the guys like a regular university guy. Although I don't drink or smoke at all! I haven't even gained weight!! I haven't been discriminated because of my high voice. The good news is, I've been on T for over 4 months and my voice has completely deepened. You wouldn't believe how low it is. I've been successful with studying in foundation year. I needn't have worried that I've forgotten all I studied in high school. The stuff we do in foundation year is not as hard as I thought. I haven't felt depressed or hurt myself. In fact, everyday is filled with happy new exciting experiences! All my relatives was fine about the name change. They didn't really mind. I have a job that I enjoy and I've saved up enough for my top surgery AND I've already book the date for it!! How cool is that!?!?! But the best thing that's happened to me doesn't compare to all this. It's the fact that I have someone who is really special to me and the person thinks the same way about me. And for once, it isn't your mother. Every time I think of that person or do things with that person, I feel happier than words can express.

Shane from March 14th 2012.

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