Tuesday, 29 March 2011

First day @ supermarket

So today was my first actual day at the supermarket. I went yesterday too but the lady told us the rules and we didn't actually deal with customers. This job is my first one that I have to face customers so I was pretty nervous. I wasn't taught anything practical... We were only told what to say in various situations. All I did today were:

  • lurk around the counter.

  • Piss off customers because they were kept waiting and I couldn't do anything about it because I didn't have the number to the cashier machine & I wasn't told how to do it.

  • Put items into various sizes of bags and sometimes I chose the wrong size and had to re-do it and the customers got frustrated.

  • Fold some bags to kill time.

  • Not be sure if the other person who was beeping the items had beeped all the items (that's not good... So not good).

I didn't have a clue that the job of a cashier was so stressful! I received my shift plan and I only have to until April 18th (12 days in total including today and yesterday). I think that's kind of enough for me... I'll get enough education so that I don't have to work at a supermarket for the rest of my life...

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