Saturday, 8 January 2011

Am I Bad?

This guy YM who is probably the second brightest in my class has been eyeing me for quite a while now.

Before winter break, we happened to go out of the school building together and he abruptly asked me what he should do with the two tickets for Tokyo Disneyland that his mum gave him.
I suggested that he should ask M who he said he liked last year. His reply was "Nah. It would be awkward. I've never even talked to her."
So I said "Why don't you go with H (our annoying friend)? Going on a roller coaster with him would be funny." Again, he said "Two guys going to Disneyland together? That's not gonna happen." I said "How about Y (another friend of ours)?" "No for the same reason." God, what's he trying to get at!?
I didn't say I can go with him because I swore to myself that I would not go to Disneyland after my first and last visit there which was really traumatic.
And why is he thinking about Disneyland when all he is supposed to think about is studying for the entrance exam?
After a few days, I got a chance to talk to him and so I asked him whether he made up his mind about who to got to Disneyland with. He said "No, I haven't decided yet." and BLUSHED! Jesus! He's the kind of guy who NEVER blushes! He doesn't even have enough blood circulation to blush!
Anyway, I decided not to go asking about the Disneyland thing any more. I shouldn't distract him from what he's supposed to be concentrating on. Although, it wasn't me who started it!

This isn't all the evidence that I think he's eyeing me. I'm not going to write in detail but I see in the corner of my eye that he looks at me very often.

Whether or not I'm right that he likes me, I thought I might as well do something before graduating and regretting it.

Yesterday, we had to clean the classroom (even though we cleaned it before the holidays). I was wiping each cell where we put our sports shoes. H was wiping from the other side of the row at first. By the time I got half way, I looked up to find H had miraculously disappeared and YM was doing the job! I said to him, "Hey I thought H was doing this!" He replied, "Yeah, I took the cloth from him."
I knew he was doing the sweeping earlier and nobody chooses wiping over sweeping, right? So I was like, "Imma take any possible opportunity to get close to him!"

Who knew that would come so soon!?

We both washed the cloth after wiping. And it's winter, the water is obviously really cold. Our hands got cold and we were talking about not being able to move our hands. A classmate K came up to us and came into the conversation. K started to squeeze YMs hand to make it warm. My hands always get warm relatively quick, so I joined in.

That's quite a big thing for me. Squeezing someones hand.
I didn't get to hold my first girlfriend's hand, OK?
I hope that kind of chance comes again before graduation. :-)

But I can't feeling guilty that I'm being kind of seductive. Am I bad?


  1. HaHa! Great post! You are such a good writer!

    I'm not sure who it is you are writing about but I wouldn't do anything until after he has passed his entrance exams. Romance and tests do not mix well. After he passes will be the time to celebrate.

    Now I can't stop trying to put faces to these goofs!

    Come see me on Tuesday!

  2. He sits behind my annoying friend.
    The entrance exams will be over after March 15th or something! Anyway, I only have like 13 days left that I have to go to school. Nothing much can happen in 13 days.

    Oooh, wonder what it is... :)