Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Just a Quick Update...

I've been busy doing nothing.... OK I was doing some things like cleaning my room. Now it's junk free! I couldn't believe how much shit I had accumulated over the years. I threw away books I used in junior high and papers I will never look at. Heaps of paper went to the recycle. It took all weekend. Meanwhile, my class mates had another mock test on Saturday. Not something unusual... They are taking mock tests all the time!!! We even have one this weekend too.

I got some info on the next speech contest. It's in Kenritsu Library in Mito. I'm the 3rd person to give the speech. I will write about it tomorrow because I don't have the paper with me.

Tomorrow is my big day. I get the Chemistry test back which I can swear I totally failed. I know I think this way for every test but this time, I knew I fail right after the test started. There weren't so many questions I answered with confidence. I think I have to take another test in December to graduate... I thought Chemistry is the perfect proof that God doesn't exist when the test was over.

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