Friday, 1 June 2012

What's going on

Today I'm going to a sustainability conference. Did I write that I changed my major from just psychology to psychology and sustainability? Well, i got a conditional offer and if I meet the requirements, I'll be doing that. Can't wait for the results to come out on June 15th. Will go back to Japan on the 16th and can't wait for that too. Meanwhile. I don't have any classes whatsoever, so I signed up for employability sessions which are supposed to make me more employable. And this weekend, there's a foodie event in Topsham, which I will be going to both Sat and Sun. I expect it will be a brilliant event, just like the foodie thing that we had in April.
I went to see my cousin/aunt/uncle last week (24th-29th). I always have a good time with them. At least I have some company while I'm there. When I came back, I felt so lonely again because I don't have friends. My cousin and I made a chocolate cake, and we cooked together a bit. Would have been nice if I had done more cooking with her though. My cousin Alex has epilepsy and she has to sit while she's cooking because she might fall down suddenly. She even burnt her hand last month (the burn still looked painful) because she had a seizure while cooking and spilled boiling water on her hand. She can't go out on her own and has to have her mum all the time. She's 26 and seemed frustrated that she can't move out. She's been taking medication for it but none of them have worked so now they are really considering surgery. But that the area of the brain is close to the bit that controls the right hand/leg movement. She said she'd consider surgery if the risks of going wrong was low, but if it was like 20% success rate, she wouldn't do it. Yet.
While I was there we watched movies and other DVDs and now I'm totally hooked on a sitcom called Miranda. You definitely need to check it out.

As for the queens jubilee stuff, theres going to be a tea party at the INTO building (where I studied) but its going to be the same time as the community garden party (theres a garden in the uni where we grow potatoes and corn and beans and herds and other plants)

That's pretty much it. After this weekend, all I have is employability stuff and the garden party. I'll go to the gym on days that I don't have anything to do. Oh and I've been jogging along the river recently. I need to lose some weight. I measured my BMI the other week and now I'm in the overweight bit. But I'll most likely lose quite a bit of weight during the summer so that's good.

Now I need to go to the sustainability conference. byeeeeeeeeeeee

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