Monday, 11 June 2012

Jubilee weekend

All I had was the foodie even in Topsham. The slow food people went to Topsham, which is about 20 mins by train (it actually took 45mins to get there on the first day because of...well, you know how it is in the UK ;P). The weather was miserable but we were there all day to sell mackerel in rolls (freshly caught) and cupcake decoration and tea towel and bags and olives. Wasn't as interesting as the foodie event in Exeter, but still, good experience.
The second day was just to have dinner with everyone. The special thing was that the table was lined really long. Hence the name, "Nello's Longest Table." 
I don't feel like explaining what it is, because i don't know the answer so here's the description on facebook:
Nello's Longest Table:
As part of the weekend celebrations for the Topsham Food Festival and as part of celebrations for the Queen's Jubilee, the highlight of the weekend will be Nello’s Longest Table, an evening celebration of food and friends in memory of Nello Ghezzo. For it was originally Nello’s idea to create an occasion whereby our whole community can sit down together to enjoy meals prepared from local and locally sourced foods at a single table stretching the entire length of Topsham Fore Street, on to Topsham Quay, and along the Underway at Ferry Road. 

Here are the photos:
Topsham Food event
Longest table

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