Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter holidays

The holidays are going to end in 5 days. What have I been doing after the leadership programme (took place for 4 days from last monday)...


I've been in my room trying to sort out the psychology essay and trying to revise for the exams that are coming up in the 1st week of May. And watching documentaries on BBC 4 on Demand (more commonly known as 4oD). I haven't talked to another human being since my parents called on Saturday. And I try to keep telling myself that I have friends. I mean, I have 234 friends on facebook. But it doesn't mean I have friends in real life. If I did, I'd not be in my room all day. And how sad is it that the only people who comment on my posts on facebook are my mum, dad and my best friend's (friends since 2002) mother?


  1. Oh come on! Go down the pub and have a shandy and a chat! Wish I could. I haven't spoken an intelligent word with anyone in at least a year. I don't count the endless numbers of Japanese who only want to use me as a free language teacher and have the gall to tell me that they like having a foreign friend just so they can practice their English!
    Well, your former HR teacher was replaced as SH teacher. Took over the lowest level class in T2. Don't know why....he was quite upset by the whole thing and I can't ever remember that happening before so it seems strange.
    I'm doing nearly all the T2 and T3 classes and wonder if I can survive another year. A few cute teachers have joined the ranks but nobody that sets the heart beating faster. Too bad...
    I'm now GS1 sub-homeroom teacher so I'm busier than ever. GS1 students seem very clever but T3 isn't very good and now T2 has even lower scores than other years on diagnostic tests. It's always a struggle with never a victory.

    When are you coming back to shakey-town? Level 6 has even more cracks all over the walls in the teacher's room. The walls seem to be separating but nobody else seems to notice so I wonder what will happen if another big one hits. I mentioned to my HR teacher/partner that maybe we should require the students to each bring one liter of water and some dried food to store in the empty shoe lockers and he looked at me like I was completely crazy. Doesn't seem like it is natural for Japanese people to anticipate disasters or to learn from them. Been saying this for the last year. The only safety measure the school has taken is to buy loads of megaphones. Had an earthquake drill Thursday. It was a complete shambles. It's easy to see why so many people get killed here....most of them unnecessarily.
    A voice in the wilderness am I.

    Have you seen my photopage?
    Maybe you will like it.

    1. I'll come back on June 16th. Can't wait to see my parents together again (dad came back from Thailand last month)!! And I'm looking forward to working at the veg farm. I need to work hard and lose some weight. My trousers are getting tight...

      There's been the food festival from Friday until tomorrow (Sunday). I've been helping out some of it and my mood's improved. You can see photos with commentary here:

      I've been trying to make sourdough bread. My first bread is going to be in the oven in 3 hours. It's quite a challenge. You should try it! It's really interesting how you can make bread without instant yeast. Just flour, water and salt. And time, of course.
      This website has been really helpful.

      I've changed my application for next year from just psychology to "Flexible combined honors: psychology and sustainability." I can study what I'm really passionate about now. I hope I can get the offer!!

      Yes I've been checking out your tumblr occasionally. Don't you get weird looks when you take photos of random people???

    2. The school has stocks of emergency dried food/water/blanket kit for every student. I don't know about the teachers though. I got my pack when I graduated and it'll last a few years. No need to worry there.

  2. Yes, they brought them out during the disaster and the students chucked it all away. The water wouldn't last a day especially in the heat. It was about a large glass and tasted awful.

    My pants are getting tight too but that is just because I am lazy. I love bread and wish I could try some of yours. I love whole wheat bread. I miss going to a real supermarket and having so many bread choices. Every supermarket here has the same shit.

    The food festival sounds nice. It must be nice to enjoy such things. I went to an art festival here and gave up because there were just too many people. You can see some of the photos I took from a walkway above the festival on my tumblr. I don't like taking people's photos when they can see me so I usually try to be discreet. Zoom lenses help. I am a very shy person, you know!

    Flexible honors sounds good. Hope you get it. In the USA you can take whatever you want and nobody cares. I studied anything and everything. I guess that is a good point. the bad point is that it is so expensive!

    Will check out your facebook and the other links.