Thursday, 1 December 2011

Chocolate Cake success!!! and choir

On Sunday, Nancy and I made the same chocolate cake that I'd already made twice. And it was an absolute success. It was better than the previous two. The sponge was not dry, not too sweet, not too thin. Just right. With the whipped cream and chocolate leafs, the sweetness was just perfect.

The chocolate leafs were very good too. I'd found a type of leaf that had a similar smell to sansho (Japanese pepper) and that gave the chocolate a good smell. And they all peeled off from the real leafs so I was glad.

There was an accident while trying to make the choco leafs, though. I put the cooking chocolate in the bowl and made a water bath. That part was fine. Then Nancy started to show off her iPad and we started to play with it. Which you shouldn't keep your mind off the food while you are cooking. And when I noticed the sound of water boiling, it was too late. Nancy had, for some unknown reason, put a lid on the water bath and water had filled up the bowl of chocolate!
The problem was solved by pouring out the water and leaving the excess water to evaporate. But lesson learnt: concentrate when you are cooking.
Me looking really satisfied (which I was).

I just came back from a concert (free of course, I wouldn't pay money just to listen to choir). Someone in the LGBTQ promoted it on their facebook page because it was something to do with AIDS. The place it was held was literally 1 minute's walk from my room so I went, although it started at 11pm.
It was like waiting at the dermatologist and listening to the BGM. It didn't give me goosebumps at all. That's my standard for determining if classical music (or any other boring music) is good: whether or not it gives me goosebumps. This time, it didn't.
And I know I'm not the only person who thought so because the old man who left first (I left second) when the concert finished said "That was horrible."
I could have said, "I know, right!?" But I didn't. :P

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