Wednesday, 26 October 2011


On Sunday, i made cookies and this weekend, I'm planning to make a cheese cake. I bought a cake tin the other day for the cheese cake.
I enjoy cooking because it's fun to do and rewarding. Other people are happy too. The only problem is eating too much.
I know it's a bit burnt. The taste was ok though.


  1. Looks good to me! I don't mind if they are a little burnt. Probably the thermostat in your oven is off. Wish I had some right now as I have nothing to eat....

    Had to go to a wedding yesterday. It was held at Disney. After 6 hours of non-stop Disney shit I really wanted to blow my brains out. Every five minutes we were subjected to some silly announcement in a high-pitched voice and then herded off to have a photo taken or a tux adjusted or some other pre-programmed, mass-produced shit done. Of course, a foreigner conducted the wedding ceremony but he was such a clownish buffoon, shouting "Amore!" at the top of his lungs about 20 times during the ceremony, that I felt like giving him a good smack and telling him to stop catering to the local's mania. His performance was over the top but, of course, the hicks loved it. I'm sure the look on my face expressed my disgust. Later Mickey and Minnie came to interrupt the dinner and pose with the bride and groom (my nephew). The bride (already popped one kid before marriage) nearly swooned at the site of Mickey. Of course, she was dressed like Cinderella and the groom like Prince Valiant. These are people in their 20s mind you, not teenagers. Later, they both stood on the balcony overlooking the Disney Sea Lagoon and para-paraed to all their favorite Disney songs during the evening parade/revue. Of course, by then they had changed into some other Disney costume from Alladin I think. By this point I was trying to get as drunk as possible to ease the pain of this horrible evening.
    During the dinner, the bread tray came along and i was told I could choose two pieces. I chose two of the same kind and was immediately told that that was impossible! They must be different! So, my wife reminded them that we were paying an astronomical amount of money for their fucking shite food and we would eat whatever the fuck we wanted. Nope! That's impossible. So my wife chose two different ones and I chose two different ones and then exchanged them with each other. The waitress said we couldn't do that! Rules are rules! I grabbed my butter knife and gave her a look like death, hell, and damnation and she ran off to enforce her petty rules with some other poor rubes.
    Because I am an evil guy, when I die I will go to Hell and I am sure Mickey will be there to welcome me with open arms....

  2. I'm speechless... Nightmare at school AND in the weekends as well? How do you deal with it???
    They must really wanted to have a wedding at Disney Land.. Must have cost a fortune! Was the place reserved just for the wedding? I hope they have a happy life like the life at disney...

    We have a writing task of comparing 3 universities of our own choise and yesterday we had to bring the outline to class. The teacher forgot to tell us that the name of university had to start with A-L. I'd chose Bath, Exeter and Surrey. I had to choose another university and write the outline again. Everyone thought it was ridiculous but I guess not as ridiculous as a disney wedding!

  3. I'M gOinG cOmplEtelY mAd!!!

    I'm actually starting to question my own sanity and how much longer I can survive here with no human contact and no conversation...

    Thank God you're out of this asylum!

  4. I'm sure you could find a better job somewhere. are you thinking of quitting?