Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Log

It was a cloudy Sunday morning. There was a rule in my apartment that at least one person from one household has to participate in the monthly weeding. This was one of those weeding days. My dad and I got up early. We wore long sleeve shirts and trousers. We went outside at exactly 10 a.m. and many people were already gathering in front of the shed. I got a sickle and my dad got a scythe.
After weeding in front of my apartment for thirty minutes, I went to a nearby park to do some weeding there. As I approached the swings, I noticed a long, dark, think log lying on the path. I wondered why there was a huge log in the park. There weren't any big trees around the area. Only young thin ones were there. I walked towards it. I suddenly realized what it really was and froze. It wasn't a log. It was a huge snake! It was moving from one side of the path to the other side. I watched it slither before me, unable to move. As soon as it disappeared into the bushes I run back to my dad and told him what had just happened. My dad and one of our neighbors same to the park to see only to find nothing.
This happened when I was 6 years old or younger. It is such a peculiar memory that I'm not even certain that it really happened or not. It could be those dreams that you remember vividly and never forget. Whether it is real or not, it was a memorable experience.

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